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Digital Stream Raises over $12,000 for Children’s Hospital Colorado

Who knew that videogame streaming had potential to raise so much money in so little time? Turns out, videogamers knew.

On August 28th, geek/pop culture content creators, known as Comicstorian and Zodical Candy on their respective streaming sites, hosted a 24-hour event to raise money for Extra Life.

Extra Life, in its simplest explanation, is a national, typically digital fundraising program that is catered to the gaming audience. Just as you might sign up to run a charity 5k, anyone can go online and register to participate in Extra Life and pledge to play games for the kids. They will receive their own fundraising website to send to friends and family as they continue to play games of all sorts to raise money.

As Extra Life has evolved as a program, technology has drastically changed the gaming space. Streaming is one of the most popular ways for gamers to connect across the globe. Comicstorian recognized the power of streaming, and used it to create an all-streaming fundraising day. All money was designated to benefit Children’s Hospital Colorado through the Extra Life program.

“#techandjunkGIVES was an opportunity for our association of online entertainers to pause and take an opportunity to raise money with their communities for Children’s Colorado. More than that, it served to spread awareness of not only the Colorado location but also the Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation and their mission to help children.” says the producer.

As the 24-hour mega stream approached, hosts Comicstorian and Zodial Candy, along with streaming producer tech&junk, arrived at Children’s Hospital Colorado for a tour. After an hour of walking through the facility, the three gamers were more committed than ever to raise money for the hospital.

“It’s as simple as these kids need help and we have the opportunity to step up. Let’s do this!”

When all was said and done – after 24 hours of streaming games, interviews, patient videos, and information about the hospital – this philanthropic group of gamers raised $12,612 for Children’s Colorado. Truly incredible when you consider that this was all done remotely, on a screen, for millions of viewers to watch.

“I am continuously in awe of these gamers. They are not the stereotype that people have assumed – they are passionate, fun, outgoing, hard-working advocates for pediatric healthcare and beyond” says Kacie Thomas, manager of the Extra Life program at Children’s Colorado. “We are so lucky to have this group in our market, and I can’t wait to see what they do in the future.”

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