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Meet Future Sports Broadcaster and Current 2016-17 Colo. Champion, Carson


Doctors determined that Carson and his mother could lose their lives if he wasn’t delivered immediately. He was born at just under 26 weeks, weighing only 1 pound 12 ounces.

At 6 days old, Carson suffered a brain bleed that affected both sides of his brain. Thirteen months later he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. With 25 percent of the right side of his brain no longer working, and the left side covered in scar tissue from the bleed, Carson has had multiple surgeries, including another irreversible surgery that threatened his ability to walk.

Despite the challenges he’s faced since birth, Carson is always positive and is driven to try harder each day. He recently realized he was different from his peers, but doesn’t let anything slow him down. He knows he has to be stronger, or as he describes it, “I’m bringing my real game now.”

How donations helped Carson at Children’s Hospital Colorado:  

CMN Hospitals donations support the hospital’s rehabilitation department where Carson undergoes occupational and physical therapy. Funds also support various services, research and pediatric equipment benefiting kids like Carson.