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Loveland Walmart Distribution Center Awarded Top Fundraisers in the Country

Walmart Distribution Center 6019 Awarded for Top CMN Fundraising in the Country

Bill Hornick, Assistant General Manager of Walmart D.C. 6019, accepts the CMNH Award for 2017 fundraising achievements.

If you were to visit Walmart Distribution Center 6019 in Loveland, CO, you would immediately notice three things: 1) Thirty-eight clearly marked “CMN ONLY” parking spots; 2) The friendliness and kindness of every person you encounter, and 3) Dozens of awards posted on walls, banners hanging from ceilings, and on numerous book shelves. All of these clues lead to the same conclusion: the people at Walmart D.C. 6019 are passionate and consistent about the work they do for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and Children’s Hospital Colorado.

The CMN parking spots out front are just the beginning of the fundraising opportunities at 6019. Through one major golf tournament – with two shotgun starts  to fit all players in – and hundreds of small fundraisers at the facility, the staff raised over $118,000 for Children’s Colorado in 2017 – making them the highest total fundraising Logistics Center in the country. Assistant General Manager Bill Hornick leads the charge on almost all of these fundraisers for his staff. At each monthly general meeting, Mr. Hornick is adamant on addressing importance of CMN fundraising, equally prioritized with stats like inventory and shipping numbers. This keeps the staff motivated, informed, and inspired to do more each  month – on top of the other hundreds of things on their daily “to do” lists.

At any time throughout the year, you can find the staff of 6019 participating in a CMN barbecue, donating to claim a “CMN Only” parking spot (closest to the building, of course!), “purchasing” snack items from their Donation Only snack bar, or donating money to shave Mr. Hornick’s face and head hair in a variety of styles.

An award was presented (see photo) to the staff at Walmart 6019 to celebrate and recognize their ongoing work for Children’s Colorado as their local CMN hospital. The recognition letter was signed by President and CEO of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, John Lauck, as well as EVP and SVP of Walmart People, Julie Murphy and Karisa Sprague. Ms. Murphy and Ms. Sprague also serve on the Board for CMNH.

The staff and patients here at Children’s Colorado will never be able to express the gratitude we owe to Walmart DC 6019. From the bottom of our hearts – thank you Mr. Hornick and 6019 staff for making a difference every day for the kids in your community!